RmscopII Raphaël Leplae © 2000,2001,2002
Release 2.2
P & S
5 December 2002
   Version 2.2 available for all platforms!
This version is known to run properly on Unix/Linux, MS Windows 9x & XP, Mac OS8.6 and OSX.
Major new features: complete redesign of the Preferences and direct access to PDB entries from the interface.
Major improvements: much faster downloads, better file compression handling.
With some minor bug fixes, this version mark the passage to Stable/Production status.

1 February 2002
   RmscopII web pages moved on SourceForge.
The RmscopII web pages are now under http://rmscopii.sourceforge.net and won't move anymore!

20 September 2001
   Rmscop 2.1 beta released for Mac OS 8.6 - 9.x.
The Mac version seems running reasonably well, feedback will be welcome.

05 September 2001
   Rmscop 2.1 released for UNIX and a beta version for MSWindows.
It took a while before being able to continue to work on RmscopII but here it is! The MSWindows release is still considered as beta. The port on MSWindows required to have a separate script from the UNIX version (Tcl can't cope with the too many differences between the OSes for this type of application).
UNIX release 2.1 has some bug fixing and new features. An installer has also been implemented! See Versions page for more info.
RmscopII is also accessible at the SourceForge web site. You can get the latest CVS snapshot and any improvement to the code will be welcome.

01 January 2001
   Web site redesigned.
New pages layout and moderate use of cascading style sheets introduced.

26 April 2000
   Rmscop v2.0 is being ported on MSWindows.

08 April 2000
   Web server started and Rmscop v2.0 is available for UNIX.
This new RmscopII version is a complete re-write of the original one. All the original features have been implemented and new ones added.